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Homemade marmalade competition

Open to all members of the public

Stay tuned for the 2022 competition

About the competition


The Australian Marmalade Awards celebrates the nation's most outstanding marmalade creations.

The Homemade competition is open to everyone.

You may wish to enter into one or more of the 6 competition categories listed below.

Competition overview



Entries open: 9 August 2021

Entries close: Friday 1 October 2021

Judging: October

Award presentations: Friday 12 November 2021


Homemade competition categories:

1. Seville orange

For tangy marmalades made using only Seville oranges, sugar, lemon juice and water. The fresher the fruit, the better the marmalade.

2. Any other citrus

For marmalade which does not fit any other category, with one or more kinds of citrus as the primary ingredient. Please make sure to list all your ingredients in the entry form.

3. Native fruits & flavours

Be inspired to create a marmalade using Australian native ingredients. It may be a traditional citrus marmalade enhanced with bush flavours, or made using native citrus such as finger lime.

4. Gardener's marmalade

For marmalades made with homegrown fruit to produce the freshest flavour.

5. Children's marmalade

For those aged 16 and under (a little help from an adult allowed for younger entrants). This category is open to individuals, schools and youth groups. Try your hand at becoming the best young marmalade maker in the country!

6. Marmalade with a twist

Any citrus fruit, with no restrictions on ingredients. It should include at least one unusual ingredient, such as alcohol, chocolate, herbs, spices etc. Please make sure to list all your ingredients in the entry form.

~ You are welcome to enter multiple categories ~

How to enter:

1. You can enter by completing the form below and paying online.
(Alternatively, you can submit your entry form by post or email. Download the form here).

2. Create your marmalade.

3. Send in your jars of marmalade, by mail or hand delivery, to:

The Australian Marmalade Awards
Beaumont House
631 Glynburn Rd

Beaumont SA 5066

Office opening hours: Tuesday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.

Entry instructions:

For each category you are entering, please submit only one jar of marmalade.

Include a copy of the entry form with your jars

Use jam jars that are between 200g – 350g in size.

Use sterilised jam jars and fill to the brim.

Label each jar with the category, name of marmalade and list of ingredients.

You can enter as many different marmalades as you wish.

Judges will consider the look, colour, aroma, appearance, consistency and flavour of each jar.

Note: Please do not reuse jars and/or lids that have contained pickles. We recommend treating yourself to a new jar.

Entry fee:

The competition fee is $10 per category for the Homemade division.

You are welcome to enter multiple categories.

Have any questions?

Contact the event organisers at (08) 8202 9200 or email

Prefer to send your entry form by email or post?
Download the registration form